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New at canning... Air bubbles?


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New at canning... Air bubbles?

backyardpatch | Jun 21, 2009 02:14 PM

I found air bubbles in a rhubarb jam we made. Sad to say the unopened sealed jar had begun to mold about a week after canning.

Gave canning another shot this time with pickled radish. In with the radish went onion, garlic, celery, fennel, peppers. I did not know about the needed 5% acidity for the vinegar, and went with a recipe that called for water to be added to the vinegar. After the canning process I noticed that I had watered down vinegar that had a 5% acidity.

The jars have now sealed properly (concave). But when I tip the jar, and let the liquid run through the veggies, I get a few air bubbles that float to the top. The bubbles don't grow like the do in sparkling water or champagne, but act a bit like soap (rise to the top, then after a bit they pop). Note that not all of the jars have the bubbles.

Do I need to worry about these bubbles?

This is my second attempt at canning and would like to make food not poison. So, any tips you can toss my way would be very helpful.

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