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canneles--calling all bakers


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canneles--calling all bakers

raj1 | Nov 6, 2002 10:05 AM

When I'm in LA I like to stop in at La Brea Bakery and get the cannele. I just love them. Nancy Silverton includes a recipe for them in her "Pastries from La Brea Bakery" cookbook.

So, William Sonoma sells relatively inexpensive cannele molds which I bought and have tried to use. The molds are made of tin, I believe. I know that fancier molds are made of copper and cost much, much more. I'm wondering if this is the reason I'm having trouble perfecting my canneles.

The first batch of canneles puffed out of the molds almost to the point of falling completely out. The shapes were irregular (that's being generous) but the flavor and texture was good--deep copper exterior and bread pudding-like consistency on the inside.

Second batch, after a few modifications of technique, were much better in form and same in flavor and consistency. The problem I'm having is getting the darn little cakes out of their molds. They stick to the inside of the molds and don't want to let go. I have to gently pry them out with a thin knife. The recipes say they should just "pop" out with a tap. Right...

Has anyone tried to make these? I feel like I'm really close to mastering this recipe. Do I need to season the molds more than I've already done? I've slathered the insides with shortening and placed them in the oven for 2 hours. Much like seasoning a cast iron pan. Do I need to keep doing this until they are seasoned properly? Or is there some baking secret that someone can reveal to me?

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