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Canadian Food/Groceries in New England


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Canadian Food/Groceries in New England

minibrings | Aug 27, 2009 07:31 PM

With Canada being next door I thought I'd find Canadian food easily. But alas I haven't. Has anyone had poutine, butter tarts or nanaimo bars in New England? Has anyone found places to buy ketchup chips, smarties, butter tars and Habitant soup? I found a place (online) in Vermont that sells Habitant but I'm not willing to spend $10 for 1 can. I thought with the seemingly large number of Canadian ex pats living here and tourists.. I'd be able to find things. But alas, I may have to do a border run and stock up.. eh?

I can just see me opening my trunk to US customs and explaining that all those cans of soup are for me (and not for commercial purposes).. LOL..

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