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Calphalon Non Anodized Pot (w/o NON stick)

Rachel77 | May 18, 2015 11:10 PM

I have a Calphalon pot hard anodized (NOT non-stick) that was bought in 2000 or 1999.

When making a few batches of jam in the bot I realized that the inside layer lost its "charcoal" color and turned silver. Not thinking anything of it, I've continued to use it for a few months after. I saw 2 posts on this same issue and I decided to reach out too. My mother has Calphalon pots that she bought also during the same years and hers are perfect still and they are used daily. Would anyone know why this happened? Could it be because I didn't season it correctly? (Want to know because I don't want to repeat the same mistake).

Does anyone know if this is harmful/health hazard.

Also, does anyone know where I can buy another hard anodized aluminum pot that DOES NOT have that non-stick coating.
Thanks for any input/information.

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