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My Calphalon anodized aluminum pan is blistering!

Tartinet | Feb 28, 200812:12 PM

I've had this pan for more than 10 years--it was my first "real" piece of kitchen equipment. Over the years, it developed a smooth black patina, just like a cast iron pan. I treated it pretty much like cast iron: not a lot of soap, not a lot of scouring, left it clean but a little greasy between uses. The problem is that in the past couple months, that black patina has started blistering off. Little flakes of it must be ending up in food, but I haven't noticed. The unpopped blisters don't respond to a green dish scrubber, but I haven't tried a brillo pad yet...

Any one else have this happen?
How nasty are those flakes to ingest?
Should I try to remove the whole patina?
How would I even do that?


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