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Almost calorie-free savory snacks? Quitting smoking.

Cady | Sep 30, 201105:17 PM

I'm quitting smoking for the second time in 38 years. The last time was in May, when I quit for two months while dieting and exercising, and gained 20 pounds. I'm ("we're", this time) using Chantix, which helps a bunch with the withdrawal.

I'm not into sweets. I'm not smoking, not drinking, and...not eating, almost, at the same time. (Husband, who is quitting with me this time, says don't worry about the food/drink, but the weight gain was part of what made me start again last time.)

Here's what we're trying (neither of us is hugely into sweets, though he is more than me):

Fat free pretzels
In-shell sunflower seeds
Celery, Carrots and Cauliflower
Dip (salsa or Hidden Valley fat free ranch)
Tomatoes with balsamic v. and kosher salt
Green grapes

Yeah, a lot of salt there, but better than lotsa calories and better than smoking. lol.

Every recipe I'm thinking of for dinner includes LOTS of butter and cream. (Though tonight it's shrimp, artichoke hearts, tomatoes/onions/peppers/garlic/herbs all from the garden, lemon juice, EVOO, whole wheat pasta and a little parmesan. :P)

I am positively DYING for fat, which at this point, I'm mostly getting one seed at a time in sunflower seeds. I think if what I was eating was *interesting* enough, I wouldn't want the fat so bad. And if it's something that requires a lot of hand-work, so much the better. (I'm off work for the next five days. lol.) Actually, if something took long enough to make, it could even be higher in calories, provided it was keeping my hands busy making it. I'm outta ideas.


I'll try anything at this point.


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