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Calling all Weight Watchers!

sasha1 | Nov 16, 201106:27 PM

Hi everyone,

I just started up this diet a few days ago, on my own, and really want to succeed and lose some extra baggage.

I am a home cook, and making litle adjustments to my cooking (i.e., steaming sometimes, less oil in the pan), is not too hard. I like to think I never cooked unhealthy to begin with (portion control is another matter altogether). Fruits and veggies are stars in my house, as is lean protein, whole grains, skim dairy, etc. (My skinny hubby and skinny sons are currently getting all their food doused with olive oil :) ).

But a girl doesn't have the energy to cook every meal, every day. I'm hoping to get some ideas for what packaged foods are out there that are tasty, reasonable on # of points, and are go-tos for all of you. I have the bread, crackers, cookies, puddings, cheese etc that I normally buy for breakfasts and snacks, but that is where all the points are hiding I have discovered. I need some replacements.

Also, please let me know if you've made some great WW substitutions (as a shopper or a cook) for regular (B.W.W.) foods you used to eat. I heard something about a diet soda cake mix?!

In short, I'm hoping to gather all the tips that you'd hear about at a meeting over many weeks of attending, all in one thread, for the benefit of any brave soul who is on this train with me.


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