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Calling all turkey experts....Once and for all...I need a solution! (Long)


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Calling all turkey experts....Once and for all...I need a solution! (Long)

Chuck | Nov 26, 2004 10:50 AM

I am nearly 60 and have been cooking turkeys for more than 20 years. But, I still cannot overcome one little problem and it rears it's ugly head up time and again! The white meat cooks faster than the dreaded dark meat!

There's always someone in the crowd that says "I like the dark meat" and that, of course, sets off a chain of events in my oven that drives me crazy!

Yesterday, it was a 20 lb fresh Butterball that I stuffed (I always stuff the turkey) and I went on the site...18 to 20lbs - cooks in 4-1/2 to 5 hrs...TOPS.

The white meat was overcooked at 5 hrs! A sin beyond belief! Why bother if the whiote meat is dried out? The dark meat? Near the bone was stilll pink!. Oh, I'd taken the turkey's temperature in two places to boot. In it's gut (stuffing) it ran 150 and in the thigh...180 (mid point...not to the bone).

It is unbelievable! If you turn the sucker on it's back for the first hour, it's too difficult to turn it back breast side up without losing the stuffing.

If you take it out when you think the breast is juicy and done, the dark will absotuely not be done. If you take it out, let it rest for a half hour, remove the breasts and return the turkey to the oven, how much of a pain in the ass is that? And, what happens to that dark meat, sitting undone, for 30 minutes before you return it to the oven? And what type of presentation does that make at your table?

I am so sick and tired of cooking these whole turkeys! Next year, I am only inviting "white people" (I'm really not a racist but enough is enough) and I'll just a half or whole breast!

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