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calling all Queens experts!


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calling all Queens experts!

baltoellen | Apr 4, 2007 06:54 PM

This little social/travel group that I'm involved with is meeting up in NYC in June. For a suggested activity, I came up with the brilliant idea of "Eating Queens," that is, we'd be on a 'food safari' trying one or two dishes at different places. The problem is, with this brilliant idea also came the not so brilliant idea of getting restaurant suggestions.

Where it stands now is that we're definitely doing Georgian. Someone has already come up with a list, and provided some suggestions. Uzbek food was also suggested (by the same person, and he provided a list, too, but I'm not sure that would fly with the rest of the group.) Caribbean, specifically Dominican, Guyanese, & Trini, has also been bandied about, but nothing's firm on that. (And, maybe that's for another borough?)

Greek is definitely for dessert.

So, 'hounds, what I'm looking for from you is something to round this all out. I'm thinking Asian, but just not Chinese, Thai, Korean, or Vietnamese (since I can get pretty decent stuff around here). Or, maybe some sort of African. (Although, being close to DC, I'm used to very good Ethiopian, but North African could work!) Some focus & suggestions are desperately needed on the Caribbean front!

Of course, I'd welcome suggestions on any cuisines/restaurants that I couldn't possibly dream of, the kind that are stamped Only in Queens!

(And, someone else can deal with the nightmare aspect of pulling this together geographically!)

Thanks. Of course, if anyone needs help in Baltimore, I'd be more than glad to reciprocate!

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