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Calling all Powellphiles...


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Calling all Powellphiles...

greygarious | Aug 19, 2009 02:17 PM

As per DallasDude's (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) suggestion on the Julie & Julia NYT review thread, I am starting one for Julie Powell's admirers.

After seeing and enjoying the film, I read the blog. Having finished that, I am now curious about the book, and the upcoming follow-up memoir. I found her self-deprecating writing humorous and brave. She recognizes her own shortcomings and does not make excuses. I appreciated Julie's ability to convey the hectic life of today's young working women, and admire her initiative and determination in conceiving of and completing her cooking project. I do wonder why did she not buy a microwave. A basic model is around $100 - which is less than the ingredients for some of the meals cost her. That certainly would have sped up most of that sauce reduction, and saved her from a portion of the suffering over a hot stove in summer.

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