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What do you call this sandwich?


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What do you call this sandwich?

Oriole Adams | Dec 31, 2003 08:47 PM

Was reading the results of a dialect survey recently, and one of the questions was "what do you call the long sandwich that contains cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, etc?" The results showed the following answers in different areas of the country:

a. sub (77.15%)
b. grinder (2.87%)
c. hoagie (6.98%)
d. hero (5.18%)
e. poor boy (1.77%)
f. bomber (0.01%)
g. Italian sandwich (0.46%)
h. baguette (0.25%)
i. sarney (0.03%)
j. I have no word for this (0.91%)
k. other (4.41%)

I'm curious about the "other". Any Chowhounds out there who call this sandwich something other than choices 'a' thru 'i' above? (Please include your location when answering.)

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