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When do you call it quits? (Lengthy)


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When do you call it quits? (Lengthy)

jfood | Nov 21, 2008 06:20 AM

Had a 2+ hour fight and was bored so wrote this lengthy question.

Jfood was traveling on business and as usual decided to try a new place. He made a reservation through OpenTable, arrived at the restaurant and was seated at a nice 2-top.

The place looked great, a lot of buzz, the host who sat me was very nice, they spoke of the food and it was a great start. The waitress arrived with the menu, and she explained the specials. Jfood told her he had heard a lot of good things about the restaurant and was excited to try the food.

As he was looking through the menu, he looked around and every table was taken. There was a 12-top, a 6-top and the rest were 2’s and 4’s. The 12-top was eating their apps, so Jfood knew it would be more leisurely than normal as the kitchen worked through their order. He had his book and blackberry so it was not of concern.

For an appetizer he ordered a flatbread with duck confit, blue cheese, balsamic and frisee and for an entrée he ordered the braised short ribs with plum lacquer, sautéed bok choy, and seared soba noodle salad plus a side of roasted garlic baby mashed and onion rings.

Within 5 minutes the flatbread arrived. Jfood first bite was very disappointing. First, everything was cold, he thought this was a hot appetizer. Second were the flavors. The flatbread reminded him of burnt Matzah, the duck was overly salted, the blue cheese was actually liquefied with vinegar and it was not very good. When the waitress stopped by he asked her if it was supposed to a heated appetizer and she said yes and walked away. Okeedokee. He ate most of it and moved back to his book. Alex Cross was in a bind.

He watched as other tables received their food and they all looked like great dishes. OK, he thought, must have been a rush on the flatbread, everything else looks great. The 12-top received their entrees, looked beautiful. About twenty minutes after he finished his appetizer the waitress approached and told him his entrée was on it’s way out. Jfood told her he saw the 12-top was just served and he understood. Another 15 minutes passed and finally his food arrived. It looked fantastic. He grabbed an onion ring, first bite and his head snapped bad from the overpowering salt. He tried to dust the salt off. The insides were great though. Second onion ring was actually saltier. OK no onion rings for Jfood. A bite of the mashed potatoes and they were wonderful.

Now onto the main event. He cut his first piece of short rib and the inside was 75% fat/gristle. He took the bite anyway, and it was burnt. OK push that one aside and try the other. Meat was in better condition but the other one was also burnt. Move that aside and try the side. OMG, the salt content of the noodles was worse than the onion rings. No can eat that dish. Back to Alex Cross and the murders are getting interesting.

Waitress arrives, and Jfood explains. She does the proper thing and asks if he wanted another. It is now 805 and he’s hungry so he asks for a burger (thinking this is probably easiest and quickest) and another order of rings with no salt. Off she goes. At 825 he asks where the food is and she tells him that many of their dishes take more than 20 minutes to prepare. Jfood ordered a hamburger and no hamburger on earth takes 20 minutes to prepare.

At 835 he found her and asked for the check. She finally came over and said in a verycurt way said “there is no check.” OK. So Jfood started putting on his coat and saw the MOD. He mentioned what happen and he asked Jfood to give him a second, he would run to the kitchen and see what the story was. Jfood sat. Then he saw the MOD walk over to the glasses and napkins, grab a few of each and walk off to the other side of the restaurant and away from the kitchen.

At this point what would you do?

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