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Having a California Adventure: Corn Dog Castle and Tsuruhashi

Dommy! | Mar 20, 200604:31 PM     1

This weekend we tempted the rain gods and made an excursion to Disney’s California Adventure. It was quite good timing because last week I was SO tickled to see Jonathan Gold rave about Disneyland Corn Dogs in the L.A. Weekly. I LOVE those darn things and we hoped that Ca. Adventure would have something similar… well we found it… and they have something even BETTER…

On the Northwest side of the park, near the Mullholand Madness ride is a food stand called Corndog Castle. Yes, that really is its name. They not only have HUGE fresh dipped Corndogs, but they also have fresh dipped hot links… and for you vegetarians out there, they also have Fresh Dipped Cheddar Cheese sticks… yes, that is right, deep fried battered cheddar cheese sticks… *Heart stops*. Again, these things are HUGE, almost twice the side of a standard Hotdog on a Stick. Fresh dipped in THICK batter and fried almost to order.

We decided to take one for the team and order all three. Sadly, unlike the cart in Disneyland, they don’t let you just order the ‘dogs’. You get them with teeny bags of lays chips. So the total for all three and ONE Root beer was almost $21 (EP!). But we just tossed the chips into our backpack for use with our brown bag lunches

On to the ‘dogs’…

The regular corn dog was as good as ever. Large link, with just a bit of snap. Juicy and the batter thick and crisp with lots of corn flavor. The dog also had a good and meaty flavor so everything shined through the gobs of yellow mustard I pour onto my corndogs.

The hot link was also REALLY good. I think I preferred it because it had a good amount of bite. It was also really juicy. I would order this next time because the heat gave a really nice contrast of flavor to the thick corny batter and mandatory three packets for Frenches.

Finally, that Cheese ‘dog’. My goodness… it was good… it was like the best Grilled Cheese Sandwhich I ever had. Great on its own, but then I put a mixture of Mustard and Ketchup on it and ZOOM… It’s INSANELY rich (The cheese all melty and sticking to the batter) and best when eaten in-between bites of corn dog.

We decided, that yes, that lunch was indeed worth the $21 bucks…

Having gorged on corn dogs and nearly freezing ourselves to death on one last ride on the Roller Coaster (Going 60 miles per hour unprotected on a 40 degree night was one of my finest decisions) we wanted something light and warm. A dear friend issued me a down-hill alert to one of my favorite late night OC places, Tsurahashi. I’ve been meaning to check out if it was true… and so we drove down…

Arriving there at a little past 9pm, it’s very obvious that this little place in Fountain Valley has been discovered. The crowd, which once was almost strictly Japanese is very mixed now. Signaling that perhaps, that down hill alarm might be true as often a change in clientele means a dumming down of flavors…

But thankfully it was not the case as we completely enjoyed:

* Tail Soup: This is Oxtail Soup. Two large pieces of absolutely perfectly one oxtail in a light beefy soup. This might be a bit light for those loving oxtail stews, but on a warm night, chewing on the beefy oxtails and sipping that broth instantly made you feel like you were in heaven.

* Bimbimbap in Hot Stone Pot: This is my absolute favorite thing to get there. And once again, it was PERFECT. A an absolutely BLAZING hot stone pot of pearly Japanese rice, lots of mushrooms, thin sliced cucumbers and bean sprouts. And on top was the most perfect over easy egg… I squeezed in some of that red flavor sauce and started to stir like mad.

*Prime Rib Eye to grill: I ALWAYS order some prime rib eye on the side for which to grill and add to the bimbimbap. Last night by the time we got there the prime was sold out. I didn’t feel like splurging on the Kobe, so I went with the regular and it was still excellent. The meat here is lightly marinated and then after you grill to desired doneness (I like mine just barely cooked), you lightly coat it in a miso or citrus marinade and then plop it on top of some still sizzling Bimbimbap and chow down… it makes just about the best tasting, top notch Bimbimbap you’ve ever had…

For dessert he got the Yuzu Sorbet, which was PERFECT Yuzu… so yummy and refresing. I got the Mango Pudding, which had a rich mango taste and a texture more like flan than pudding… again… SO good.

I did notice some things that have changed slightly (And which might have caused my friend to sound that alarm). I was served a side of Egg Drop soup, which was a tad greasy (I hadn’t had it before, so I dunno if it was a new thing or if perhaps this is also the same broth as my other favorite, their vegetable soup). Also, I asked for a little boat of Garlic Cloves (which are boiled on top of the grill until they get all melty and yummy and you smoosh them into your rice!). Before you got WHOLE cloves. Now you get little slices. :/

All in all though, it was a great meal (And cheap too!) even if it had slid down a notice, Tsuruhashi was so high above that it still better than lots of other Japanese and Korean BBQ places out there… :)

(714) 593-8393
18798 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Corn Dog Castle:


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