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What's In California?

alphanumeric | Apr 19, 2012 11:33 PM

Let's say I live in the God-forsaken Midwest. No Boston/D.C. liquid frivolity for me. No Cali K&L either. Just endless farms and ennui aplenty.

Now let's say I've connected some dots and realized that I have friends on the West coast that will soon be returning to this armpit of the world. If I could request a handful of bottles for them to bring to me, what would those bottles be? Off the top of my head I would go with:
Cocchi Americano (the reason for this post),
Creole Shrub?,
The Bitter Truth?,
Anchor Distillery stuff? Is it cheaper out there?

These are speculative. I know I cannot get them (or have a damned difficult time getting them) here and I know a lot of the online liquor stores such as K&L are based out there. So I would assume that a handful of gems would be lounging about in the balmy Pacific weather, taunting me with their distance.

What suggestions might you lovely Hounds have to make?

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