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Cake: Disaster recovery and analysis


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Cake: Disaster recovery and analysis

danna | Jul 24, 2006 03:01 PM

Why are so many of my posts disaster related?

Sunday morning, making Mom's birthday cake. I decided to make 2 cakes and freeze one for a b-day 2 weeks from now. Forced myself to make 2 batches, not double recipe. Basic 1-2-3-4 cake I have made a zillion times. The cake is a light texture with fairly large grains.

My first mistake: I wanted my Mom's cake to be 4 layers, so I decided to make 2 layers and split, instead of 3 that the recipe makes. I put most of the batter in 2 pans and put a little extra in a very small pan for the cook. The second cake went in 3 pans.

Cake #1 overflowed the pans and made an unholy mess in the oven. I put the other three in the second, non-convection, oven.

All 5 cakes , when done, were shaped like an inverted dome. That is, very, very high on the sides (thus the overflow) and sunken in the middle. By using my trusty serated knife, I was able to lop off about 1/2 of each layer to make enough flat layers for my Mom's b-day. (Which, BTW, turned out very nice w/ 3 different fruit filling layers and whipped cream frosting...thanks to those who helped me out in the earlier thread. The odd taste mentioned below was not noticeable in the completed cake.)

Not only did these cakes behave unexpectedly, they tasted odd. Metallic, some how, and greasy...like the butter broke from the batter. The cakes even stuck a bit to the parchment lining, which never happens.

The weird taste has me stumped. It's possible that the overflowing batter that burned on the oven made a nasty smokey taste that imbued itself not only into the cakes in that oven, but the ones in the oven just below.

However, I'm wondering if this could be some sort of baking powder problem...since the cakes rose in such a weird way. Normally, in the convection oven , my cakes dome, not fall. It was the same baking powder i've been using for 6 months or so without a problem.

Other suggestions? What say you?

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