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Cake decorating part TWO!


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Cake decorating part TWO!

Sara Williams | Apr 6, 2001 08:29 PM

Hello all!

Me again, I have the design of my wedding cake picked out. I have the pans, cutters, boards, dowel rods and recipes. Buuuut, with every Fondant recipe I find that in order to apply it the cake must be covered in marzipan first to protect the fondant from moisture. Though sponge cakes don't need it fruit cakes do. I am not making either, this cake isn't dry though I don't think it is that moist as to warrant needing marzipan. How can I tell? Marzipan is expensive and I would like to get around buying it, making it, and using it.

I love the ease of fondant, and that I can paint on it.
Can I apply something else to help the fondant stick without ruining it with too much moisture?

Thank you so much!!!

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