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Cake or Cupcake? You be the judge...


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Cake or Cupcake? You be the judge...

Kevin | Apr 21, 2003 07:39 PM

Hello All-

It's really great that these are the worst problems I have right now... :)

I'm in charge of planning a memorable 30th birthday party and I don't know what would be best for dessert. Can you help me out?

Here's the setup:
Private upstairs room of a nice local restaurant (think lounge-y)
Open bar, party goes from 9PM-2AM on Saturday 5/17
50-75 people
Guests are 20s + 30s, all classes, races, genders, etc
Some bar seats, some tables, mostly standing/leaning
Butlered hors d'ouevres
Bday boy wants chocolate cake w/ buttercream frosting, no specifics mentioned

Here's my choices-
Bought sheet cake, my extra decorating
Sheet cake, all by me
Bought cupcakes, my extra decorating
Cupcakes, all by me
Petit Fours, professionally done
Petit fours, by me

Here's me-
I've got the motivation, but my tools/skills are only just above average....

Any suggestions re cost, ease, time, etc? Thanks in advance...

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