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Cafe Di Casa – the BEST Brazilian cheese bread in the Bay Area, discos, and Fazenda coffee [South San Francisco]

rworange | Nov 2, 200807:10 PM     4

The cheese bread here is almost the size of a baseball and has that wonderful texture where the cheese and flour become one and it is like eating a warm ball of soft cheese … which might not sound good but really is.

The coffee is ground to order and made by the cup. There are a half dozen varieties some with names like ‘Jet Fuel’ (It is near the airport). I tried the one called Fazenda which was a strong full-bodied brew. It is also sold by the bag. Don’t know if it has anything to do with Fazenda Coffee Company in Boston. There were some single-country origin beans.

Wikipedia says “Fazenda is a Portuguese word for 'farm', but is used in the English language for the coffee estates that spread within the interior of Brazil between 1840 and 1896”

I also tried the mane pelado, a bar with lots of coconut that has yucca in it. It was a nice, not too sweet, dessert to have with the coffee.

They had a pan of Brazilian candy that looked like pralines. There is a small case of Brazilian snacks that include esfiha, coxinha, kibe, pastel and disco.

I love discos, a meat patty covered with seasoned bread crumbs. This wasn’t as good as the version from a now closed restaurant. It was a little too dry, but still tasty enough.

It is a very tiny place, a Brazilian diner, really. There are a few counter seats along the window. A large screen tv in one corner plays Brazilian cable. The people are very nice. The cook looks like someone’s mom.

They didn’t have Brazilian hot dogs on my visit since it was raining and there was no grilling on the patio.

The brief menu is (printed on a postcard) and is on the place record. There is also a specials board near the door.

They deliver to South San Francisco, Brisbane, San Bruno and Millbrae. They also open at 6 am during the week.

When I was reading about the place it seemed in the beginning theyse were considering trying to please both Brazilians and locals. I think they stuck to their Braziian roots and didn't dumb things down. The place was filled with Brazilians.

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South San Francisco: Cafe di Casa (near Darby Dan) - Brazilian bbq and hot dogs?

Cafe Di Casa
1165 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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