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Cafe Calabria (Vancouver, Espresso, pictures)

fmed | Apr 1, 2008 10:17 AM

I wanted to pick up some treats on my way into work this morning. So I stopped in at a Vancouver institution - Cafe Calabria on Commercial Drive - right in my 'hood. This place has been here forever - predating our current espresso culture by a good decade or so. They serve some old-school espressos - more bitter (some say over extracted) and with less attention for flair (no fancy leaf patterns on the foam). The walls are lined with pictures of Italian and Hollywood movie stars (eg Dennis Hopper) who have indulged in Calabria's offerings.

I ordered a cap and a half dozen panna corto - Italian shortbread and off I went.

PS There is a back story to Calabria...I'll leave it to the visitor to find out what it is!

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