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Cacau, cocoa,cacoa juice & gratutitous dictionaires


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Cacau, cocoa,cacoa juice & gratutitous dictionaires

rworange | Jun 13, 2006 08:09 PM

Can anyone tell me a little more about cacau juice?

There's a new Brazilian juice joint near me and today I decided to try the cacau juice translated as cocoa.

Expecting something chocolate colored, I was totally surprised by a white beverage that tasted nothing like chocolate.

One person said it tasted like lychee ... well, sort of with passion fruit notes. It is tangy, tart and buttery.

There is not a lot I can find on the web. My understanding is that this is made from the pulp of cocoa pods and the seeds are used for chocolate.

It was tasty and the few references I could find seemed to indicate there were health benefits to it.

While searching around I found this site with a small Portuguese food glossary and some Brazilian recipes.

It also has a little about how Brazilian fruits might be different from what we know ... like the different types of bananas or oranges.

The more useful site is a New World fruits database. If there is some unusual fruit from the Americas that it is hard to find info about, this might be one place to go.

It has pictures, the different names in different languages and links to more information.


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