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Cacahuate Japones Variations?

Eat_Nopal | Feb 13, 2008 03:48 PM

For those uninitiated... Cacahuate Japones (literally Japanes Peanut) is a common bar snack in Mexico consisting of roasted peanuts with a cruncy coating typically containing corn meal, soy sauce & msg.

At this point can one of our Japanese experts, perhaps Sam Fujisaka, tell us something about this snack... history, provenance etc?

Continuing.... Last night I picked up a bag, at a random Liquor Store in the Chicago area... and they tasted different to me... at first I wasn't too into them but then they grew on my... and as I carefully inspected the label it simply stated "Cajun" underneath Cacahuate Japones... incidently the brand is El Pajarito from Chicago - this is the first regional U.S. variation I have found of this snack and so now I am curious whether there are other variations around the country.

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