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Why does cabbage need so much time to ferment?


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Why does cabbage need so much time to ferment?

Howard-2 | Jun 17, 2004 08:57 AM

I'm currently fermenting a batch of cabbage. The cabbage has been cut quite finely, and it's in a place that's a little warmer than the classic cold cellar. In the past, it's typically taken a minimum of 4 weeks for the cabbage to ferment. By contrast, when I've made classic kosher-style "dill" pickles (actually, they're kirby cucmbers that have been fermented), it typically takes no more than 10 days--and those cucumbers are fermented whole, not finely sliced.

Does anyone know why it takes cabbage so long to ferment? Since it's cut so finely, you'd think the sugars are closer to the surface, i.e. the liquid surrounding them, and could be pulled to the surface more quickly. Could it be that the type of sugar in cabbage is different from thetype of sugar in other vegs such as cucumbers?

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