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BYOB Logistics?

ditsyquoin | Jan 10, 200805:01 PM

I'm driving up from DC Friday to Philly to rendezvous with five other out-of-town friends.
We're going out to dinner and and I have been tasked with bring the wine/beer etc. to a yet to be named BYO restaurant. It will not be a dive.

I've read the archives but still am confused about what the etiquette is. As I don't know what the restaurant is and what people are likely to order, I'm not sure what to bring. On top of that, I'm sure at least two of the people will want beer rather than wine.

I'm afraid I'll look like a fool carting in 2-3 bottles of wine and a couple of six packs of beer.
I assume the white wine and beer must be brought in cold, if one wants to drink it that way. Do I need to bring a corkscrew?

If we run out of one type of beverage, it it safe to assume that there won't be an offsale location near by but I could go to the car and get more? What happens if a particular bottle of wine is not finished? Can I take it home without be guilty of an open-container offense?

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