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BYOB and Liability


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BYOB and Liability

Delucacheesemonger | Jun 12, 2011 08:35 AM

In many states, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, California and many others, you may bring your own adult beverage to a restaurant, whether or not they have their own adult beverages and whether or not they charge for corkage . Please give me this without argument as not germane to the issue of the thread. My question is if l go to a restaurant with an excess of my own wine, spirits, or whatever, leave the establishment somewhat impaired and take out a group of nuns in a Volkswagen, who besides me is legally liable for the intoxication? Does the restaurant put itself at risk for my impairment, even if all they did was serve me food, as l have brought my wine, my opener, my glasses, and my whatever ?

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