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Trying to go BYOB with the groceries

danhole | Apr 14, 200802:46 PM

So, now I have a large recyclable bag from Whole Foods, 2 smaller bags from Krogers, and a canvas bag from Spec's liquor. I try to remember to take them with me, or keep them in the car, but sometimes I am in my car and sometimes it's his car, so I need to get even more and keep the same amount in both cars. I was really concerned about glass jars banging around each other and breaking, and I wanted a bag with compartments. Lo and behold, I am at Krogers and they have a special offer that if you buy 6 bottles of wine you get a free wine bag, with, Duh, 6 compartments. I don't want 6 bottles of wine so I ask and they let me just have one! So nice to be a well known regular. Well, I had forgotten my bag, so I grab another one (they are only $1.00) and hand that to the checker, first. She asks if I want to use it (I scratched my head) and I said yes, please, and then she asks if I want paper or plastic? Huh! I want to use that bag. I take the bottled items and put in the wine bag, the sacker fills up my blue bag, I hand her my canvas bag and she puts a couple things in it, and proceeds to put the rest in a plastic bag! It's going to take awhile to get these people used to this, but I am determined!

How is everyone else doing with this?

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