Buying a smaller fridge


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Buying a smaller fridge

BarmyFotheringayPhipps | Sep 9, 2008 12:04 PM

So last night after dinner, I came into the kitchen to find Allstonian on her knees with the crisper bins out on the floor, somewhat frantically mopping up a large pool of water on the refrigerator's bottom. Seems we haven't noticed that there's been a small slow drip coming from the freezer compartment. It's a small repair -- likely a clog in the drain hole somewhere -- but we're looking at it now as a change moment.

Specifically, when I was looking at the Sears website just now, I automatically started going for the mammoth French-door stainless steel models, as you do. But then I thought about it: we're a two-person household. (Okay, a two-person, four-cat, three-bird, one-dog household, but their food doesn't live in the fridge.) We have a very bad habit of letting leftovers rot in inaccessible corners of the fridge. Why not buy a SMALLER fridge than the one we currently own?

(Note: our fairly recently remodeled open-plan kitchen doesn't have that nook that the fridge goes into that's the standard in most kitchens, so we can buy a fridge that's as big or as little as we want.)

In particular, I'm reminded of a time some years ago when a friend of mine was visiting from the UK and in the course of her trip, we went into a Sam's Club. She was simply gobsmacked at the size of the fridges in the appliance section, much as she had been a day or two before at the supermarket: on that day, she had spent the rest of the evening randomly blurting out, "But...nobody ever NEEDS twenty pounds of watermelon!"

So: two-person household, tends to shop European-style (buying a small amount of groceries more often, and from a variety of stores, rather than hitting the megamart once a week and stocking up), already has an ancient but surprisingly sturdy upright freezer in the basement (which held frozen baby mice back when this house belonged to Allstonian's late herpetologist parents and there was a snake breeding colony down there) for deep storage and a bar fridge near the bar (logically) for beverages. We do cook almost entirely from scratch, so we don't keep a lot of prepared foods and the like on hand, but we always have a lot of fresh fruit and veg on hand. Especially this time of year when the CSA is in full gear. How big a fridge do you reckon we actually need? Has anyone else deliberately downsized their fridge space?

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