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If you're buying a cookbook as a gift, don't go to Barnes and Nobles

Miss Needle | Mar 3, 200812:12 PM

Hello. I just wanted to warn everybody of my terrible experience trying to return two cookbooks I received as a gift. I received these books a week ago with the gift receipt. I went to B&N, spent about an hour browsing and found a couple of other books (which were worth more than the books I was returning) that I would have liked to have instead. When I went to exchange these books, the sales clerk told me that he could no do so because it was over two weeks since the books were purchased (she purchased them in December but didn't give them to me until last week). They were incredibly firm about it and would not issue any credit, refund or exchange. They said that this strict rule went into effect yesterday. I asked to speak with the manager who told me the same exact response. I emphasized that I didn't even receive the book until last week and the book was purchased under the old rules. However, they wouldn't budge. I called the corporate office and spoke to a woman who essentially told me the same thing.

So unless you're absolutely sure your recipient wants that book, don't purchase at B&N for their incredibly strict return policy. I now have three copies of the same book.

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