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Buying six bottles at once- what would you get?

tinnywatty | Apr 10, 201208:37 AM

At my local grocery store, I can get 30% off if I buy six 750ml bottles at once. They told me they can try to order anything, so I'm going to give it a try and see what their suppliers can get them.

I'm into classic cocktails and balanced drinks, not really the creamy dessert ones. I'm looking for ingredients that are versatile and can be used in a number of different drinks. Not currently interested in bottles that are best for sipping rather than mixing, although those that do both well are certainly a plus.

What do you think is missing from my current supply? Which six would you buy? Under $25 a 750ml bottle, please- there are ingredients like Chartreuse that I'm interested in but will buy in a 375 ml somewhere else.

Currently, I have:
Rye whiskey: Wild Turkey 101
Bourbon: Maker's
Scotch- single malt: Glenlivet 12
Brandy: Fundador Solera Reserva (hate this stuff)
Gin: Beefeater
White rum: Flor de Cana 4 year
Tequila: El Jimador reposado
Vodka: Luksusowa
Luxardo Maraschino
Homemade Coffee liqueur
Homemade gingered brandy
(Homemade grenadine)
Aguardiente Cristal- sort of useless so far
Regan's, Angostura, and Peychaud's bitters
MR Sweet and NP Dry vermouth

I'm considering:
1. Campari, which I've never had but am dying to try
2. St Germain since it's a crowd pleaser and fairly versatile- I've even seen it subbed for Creme de Violette in an aviation for a slightly different effect.
3. Landy VS (heard this is discontinued) or Paul Masson VSOP to replace the Spanish brandy
4. A dark rum, perhaps Old Monk or Zaya (both hard to find around here), or Gosling's?
5. ?
6. ?

Recommendations please, and thank you!

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