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Buying beef short ribs for braising...

Carb Lover | Jan 30, 200506:39 PM

All this recent discussion on braised short ribs got me going. Happened to see some in my butcher's case yesterday, so snatched some up knowing that I'd been wanting to try a recipe in my Balthazar book.

I sometimes find buying meat not as straight-forward as I would like. So many dif. cuts w dif. labels depending on the store or region of residence. I happen to live in NorCal. The label inside the glass case read "Beef Short Ribs"; however, when I got home, noticed that the pricetag label read "Beef Plate Ribs." What does that mean?

Consulted Balthazar book (didn't do this beforehand since it was a spontaneous buy), and it notes, "ask the butcher to cut the ribs across the rack, as opposed to along the bone, so there are 3 short bones in every piece." Is there a simple name for this like "cross-cut" or something? Just want to know how to communicate this to my butcher as succinctly as possible.

Inspected my 1.5 lb. piece more closely. Nice marbling, layer of fat that cuts through the middle. Bone on one end but don't see any others; seems to be mostly meat. Either way, I'm sure that braising this baby for 4 hrs. will result in something very unctuous and tasty, but just trying to discern all the variations on "beef short ribs" out there.

BTW, what's a reasonable price for this cut? I paid nearly $4/lb. and given that it's good quality and mostly meat seems like a fair price. I really have no clue though...

Thanks for any info and happy braising!

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