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Do you buy seasonal produce?


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Do you buy seasonal produce?

Brandon nelson | Apr 27, 2001 11:18 PM

Heres a little food for though,

I had some interesting exchanges on the recent "I hate fruit thread" and it got me thinking about my sources for produce.

I'm spoiled, and I know it. I live in Napa, Ca. so I have the benefit of a nice friendly climate. The Bay Area is ethinicly diverse, so there is a demand for specialty items that I might not see elsewhere. The local wine and restaraunt industies help fuel demand for quality produce. I'm close enough to the central valley to benefit from it's agricultural bliss. Life is good.

That brings me to my question. Do most chowhounds buy their produce in season? Do they know the best times of the year to get citrus fruit? Corn? Figs? Melons? Hard squash? I'm betting most do.

Second query, where do you buy at? Chain Supermarkets? Co-ops? Gourmet shops? Farmstands? Do you search for local produce. Do you have those options.

I think this might make for interesting readin' and writin'. Weigh in!

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