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Where to buy Liquor, Spirits, and Booze online, cheaply?

fr1p | Aug 17, 200910:18 PM

It happens that every liquor store in my neighborhood is devastatingly overpriced. $10 bottle of shiraz? At least $15 where I live. Mid-level scotch that goes for $30 in a Florida liquor store? $50 in my swank Cambridge purveyor's racks.

I'm done, DONE shelling out an extra $20 to $30 each time I go to the liquor store to stock up, it it getting old.

Now, I'm new to MA (and the US, sort of) so I don't know if this is even possible, but:

1. Is it possible to order a wide variety of liquors online somewhere?
2. If so, do you Hounds have any recommendations for places with big inventories / many options, with low, maybe bargain prices and reasonably shipping?

Please tell me there's someplace to turn. I can't deal with the ripoff liquor prices in my neighborhood anymore, and not having a car, I can't reliably trek up to NH.


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