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Where to buy good mid-price beef - Oakland


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Where to buy good mid-price beef - Oakland

mf1983 | Apr 7, 2013 12:58 PM

I am somewhat new to eating red meat, and initially I decided to only eat grass-fed beef from smaller farms, but that's leaving me only being able to afford ground beef (at $6-7/lb), and that's not working for me. I want to buy whole (unground, boneless) pieces of meat at that price point or slightly lower, if that's possible.

Where can I get decent meat at lower price points in Oakland? By "decent" I mean

-cows are treated reasonably well (i.e. following the sort of guidelines Temple Grandin might lay out for large farming operations to be more humane - I know I'm not going to get meat from cows that grazed in spacious pastures in the lap of luxury at this price)

-butchered by people who know what they're doing

Organic and grass-fed are NOT necessary/important.


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