Where to buy good cottage cheese?

tklow | May 8, 201709:40 PM    

I’m on a quest for good cottage cheese in Calgary. I haven’t been able to find a consistently good brand in years. Dairyland has ongoing quality issues: it turns yellow and weird really fast the flavour and texture is very inconsistent batch to batch. Almost every brand I try has the inconsistency problem so I end up tossing out 2 out of every 3 containers if I can’t use them up in recipes. There are texture issues too: cottage cheese used to have fairly firm curds in a creamy base. Now they all seem to use gelatine to set their curds and they are really soft and bland without any cheese texture.

Ones I have tried: Avalon organic is okay, but bland. Foremost is the same as Dairyland. Beatrice is awful. There is a brand I used to get from T&T supermarket that was fabulous about 25% of the time and otherwise varying degrees of lousy. My last attempt was Organic Meadow from Superstore. The flavour is very good but it has, by far, the worst texture yet: I can't even really call it cottage cheese as it's more of a slightly lumpy paste that totally breaks down if you stir it. I used it in pancake batter but it’s horrible to just eat from a bowl.

Anyone find one they like? I used to love some cottage cheese for breakfast and really want to find a good brand again. Organic is ideal…

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