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What I buy when my foodstamps come in.


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What I buy when my foodstamps come in.

YAYME | Mar 19, 2010 06:21 AM

I was reading a thread on Chowhound here and I grew very insulted when one of the posters implied that the first of the month shopping carts are filled with sugar laden processed food. I may not speak for all people on food stamps but here is what I buy on the "first of the month"

First I hit the farmer's market and buy fresh vegetables and herbs. Fruit is usually to expensive if my tight budget allows I may buy goat cheese as a treat. Then I go to the supermarket for meats, fish, dairy tea and canned goods. There is Nary a bag of chips or can of pop in my basket. When I'm good and save, I go to an Asian supermarket and buy things like lemongrass, spices sesame oil and thai eggplant. When I'm VERY good I go to the co-op and buy gourmet cheese, organic yogurt and things like verjuice. When I have actual money I buy huger things of dried mushrooms.A thread I posted on Chow: gave me some tips like buying canned fish and whole chickens (which I found was MUCH cheaper then chicken bits).

The thing is, I have a disability so I'm on SSI and I was raised in food loving middle class family. Which I suppose is more then some people on food stamps are. I know from my co-workers here are people who write off WHOLE cuisines as inedible and wouldn't touch a veggie if they were starving. I feel sorry for those people. I feel sorry for the state of this country here Sugar laden processed food is considered cheaper then fresh fruits and vegetables. (It's true look at supermarket!) Food Ignorance, prejudice and generational poverty are factors. And there are people who consider a fast food hamburger cheaper then a homemade one.

But I am not one of those people. And the person who said that pricked my pride deeply. I think that most people need to try good food, and be enlightened.

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