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Buttermilk Sorbet: Reporting Back with Thanks


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Buttermilk Sorbet: Reporting Back with Thanks

Maxine | Jul 23, 2004 01:27 PM

Thanks to all who gave me helpful feedback about how to adjust this recipe. (See Buttermilk Sorbet July 19). My goal was to try to keep things simple.

I ended up using just 1 / 2 cup sugar and this was plenty sweet. What the heck is Martha S thinking with the sugar she called for in the original recipe?

I cut up the cherries and sprinkled a couple of teaspoons of sugar over them, and gently crushed them. I added the almond extract to the buttermilk in lieu of the vanilla and was pleased with how it impacted the overall flavor of the cherries.

I don’t eat a lot of sorbet so I do not have much to compare mine to. I liked the flavor. The sorbet froze to a hard consistency, but thankfully doesn’t have ice crystals. It was supposed to give us a nice alternative for something sweet without all the calories and so the goat was achieved, though it doesn’t take away my yen for evil ice cream. g

Next time we might try coconut. Umm.

Thanks again for the input.

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