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anyone who tried the buttermilk fried chicken in ad hoc???


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anyone who tried the buttermilk fried chicken in ad hoc???

hae young | Jul 1, 2010 06:19 AM

hey! i would like to ask anyone who tried the famous buttermilk fried chiken in Ad hoc restaruant by thomas keller about the final shade or color of the chicken???
i have tried to cook three timnes but only with duplicated high fat buttermilk(milk plus heavy cream plus lemon squeeze) and canola oil rather than real buttermilk and peanut oil. usually the shade was quit dark but not not too much. some google images of that looks usually quit bright like his cookbooks.
but onetime i found one pics of that. and confirmed it was quite like mine's.
so can you tell me was it not dark when you tried in the restaurnat? and how about taste of that? does it have slight burnt flavor? i once saw bobby flay's episode of throwdown. in there he made the buttermilk fried chiken but did a bit diffrently excet usual seasonings of buttermilk. i mean he didnt brine his chicken but marinated in the buttermilk probably more or less than overnight. when people in the competition taste his, people say they taste some slight burn flavour but not unpleasant kind. how was your taste buds at the time you tried thomas keller's ? and onne more i have only tried fast food kfc rather than that of real colonel sandrs original recipe. so i have some inquiry if the ad hoc or usual buttermilk fried chicken's seasonings are quite similar with original colonel sanders' but not nowdays version of franchise kfc.

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