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Do you butter bread/rolls/cornbread/others?


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Do you butter bread/rolls/cornbread/others?

fldhkybnva | Dec 17, 2012 07:22 PM

Since it's the holidays, we have had much more bread and rolls around and I've noticed that there are staunch butter on bread vs no butter on bread lovers. I have also noticed at various dinners out with with different crowds over the year but it's really been apparent this season. I can understand if someone is trying to save a few calories, but most of the anti-butter people that I know of don't do it for this reason. FWIW, I only occasionally butter rolls and usually just don't feel I need it. However, most of my family won't go near a roll, even the amazing rolls we serve at the holidays, without butter. Just wondering - do you butter bread/rolls/cornbread?

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