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Butter: "Not less than 80% milk fat." W T F?

tangoking | Jan 1, 201411:33 PM

So, the legal definition of butter is below... note the "80 per centum" piece.

wth does that mean? That brands can add 20% of filler to "butter" and call it butter? Grrr..... I really shouldn't let it, but this kind of thing upsets me. Are there butters on the market that are 100%, and not just 80% + 20% filler? How do I distinguish them?

"For the purposes of the Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906 (Thirty-fourth Statutes at Large, page 768) “butter” shall be understood to mean the food product usually known as butter, and which is made exclusively from milk or cream, or both, with or without common salt, and with or without additional coloring matter, and containing not less than 80 per centum by weight of milk fat, all tolerances having been allowed for."

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