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Butcher block oil safety

plnelson | Feb 10, 2010 06:51 PM

I've had a hard time finding good quality hardwood mixing spoons so recently I decided to just make my own out of some maple that came down in an ice storm here in 2008 and has been seasoning ever since. That part's going fine

But while researching what to finish my spoons with most of the pro's said to avoid vegetable oils such as olive oil because they'll go rancid and affect the taste of the food, and instead use "butcher block oil". Lots of companies sell "butcher block oil" and they all claim it is safe and non-toxic for food utensils. But when I tried to find out what it is I came across this MSDS . . .


. . . which doesn't look non-toxic to me!

So how safe is "butcher block oil" for food-mixing utensils, really?

Thanks in advance.

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