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Butcher and Baker in Richmond area - found


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Butcher and Baker in Richmond area - found

PenskeFan | Sep 20, 2004 04:04 PM

Saturday I ventured out to Mechansville, the business distrcit strip that goes off the route 360 bypass, near route 295. I went in Search of Mills Market, an old style sort of mom and pop grocery store that reminded me of some of the places I used to go to back in upstate NY. It has a blue awning and a Coca Cola sign on each side of their name, and it's in the sam parking lot as the drug store, if you go looking for the place.

In back of the store was a modest butcher counter, with a sign stating they had veal liver. Well I wasn't interested in the veal liver, but I did like the ribeyes. When I asked about their thickness, he offered to cut some thicker for me. that is exactly what I was looking for - someone to cut meat to the eway I want it. They also had a BIG pot roast, and they had even heard of a 7-bone pot roast. The prices were reasonable, about on par what I would pay at uKrops. Definately not as upscale a place as the Stonewall Market that I tried earlier in the year, but very helpful and friendly. I also picked up a bunch of the most tender pork chops I have had in some time, also reasonably priced. And my wife says they weren't as "porky", whatever that means.

I talked with the lady at the register and she said they are having a hard time staying open as they get older because they can't find people to hire that are trained butchers - the craft appears to be a dying one, at least in this area.

We noticed across the street - a bakery! So we ventured across the street and let our eyes and noses feast on the goodies within, and to buy a few of them (though my wife half jokingly asked for "one of each") The bread and the rolls were good, the Apple pie we got was decent but with canned apples and the crust not as flaky as I like. The pasteries were a BIG hit though, but sadly gone all too quickly over the weekend. They too were VERY friendly Still, not quite on par with the croissants I have been enjoying from Frenchy's in Gayton Crossing, but quite a servicable bakery, it took me back yers and reminded me of my youth, visiting neighborhood italian and polish bakeries.

We will definately be making the drive back to Mechanicsville to visit both Mills Market and William's bakery again.

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