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jrvedivici | Apr 17, 2013 06:03 AM

I had very unusual and uncomfortable "chow" experience a couple of weeks back. I was dining with a few friends at an establishment I had been to several times in the past, however I'm far from a "regular" at. As the matter of fact I've never really spoken a word to owner/manager in any of my previous visits there.

Strangely though during this last visit the owner took an "odd" interest in me. Nothing offensive but certainly curious.......while I'm a fairly well known person within my local community, besides my past visits to this establishment I was confident I had no other association with this individual.

As he started to recite the specials he noted on one special "I know you don't like the sauce on that dish", directing the comment to me. Subsequently, he made a comment about the server, and then about my drink of choice. Suddenly it all came together..........he was quoting a review I had posted on this establishment about two months prior!!

I smiled and nodded at his comments, my companions asked how often I actually dined here since it seemed the owner new my every desire. I'm not sure if the owners intention was to show he actual reads reviews, or to actually make me as uncomfortable as he did. I'll chose to believe the first scenario since his tone was never snide or sarcastic, but it did create a bit of an awkward experience.

Hence, my picture is now removed from my profile! My review was overall a positive one, positive but honest. There were a few things I didn't care for but everyone's taste is different what I didn't like you might love. I don't hold a place accountable for things that are of varying tastes. Just because I don't like a pairing of sauces or ingredients doesn't make a place bad in my opinion and I try to point that out, we all have different palates, which was part of my review.

I'm far from a shy person but this experience was truly awkward and one in which I really didn't know how to respond. So I just played ignorant to it and tried to get on with the evening. No harm, no foul.

So my fellow Chow's have you ever been "busted"?

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