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Have any busboys/line cooks ever opened a restaurant?


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Have any busboys/line cooks ever opened a restaurant?

cant talk...eating | Jan 17, 2013 01:07 PM

Here in Los Angeles, and probably in most of the U.S., essentially all meals, from fast food to top-rated restaurants, across all ethnicities, are prepared by non-English-speaking, largely Hispanic immigrant staff. I wonder if anyone knows:

1. Have anyone from these ranks (or dishwashers, busboys) - specifically *non-English-speaking* individuals - ever taken those skills to open their own restaurant?

2. Would this even be possible, and if not, why not?

3. Does anyone know anyone in this position to say whether they even use these (often amazing) kitchen skills just around the house, at holiday dinners, etc. Or is it more of a "just a job" situation that doesn't leave the place of employment. I'm wondering if the Salvadoran cook at the awesome local kebab place makes kebabs when he bbq's with friends, and if they're equally awesome. Ditto for Thai food, Italian, etc.

I asked an acquaintance of mine recently who supplied restaurants in the L.A. area about this possibility, and he just laughed and said "impossible". Is it??

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