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Do I really need a Burr coffee grinder?


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Do I really need a Burr coffee grinder?

michaelnrdx | Jul 9, 2011 07:32 AM

I have heard many recommendations for a Burr grinder, because it allows you to control how fine or coarse your grind is and also produces a consistent grind, while standard blade grinders tend to produce uneven grinds with dust at the bottom. I can see why you would want a Burr grinder if you use different brewing techniques or if you are making espresso. However, I will not be making espresso, and the only coffee I will be brewing is drip coffee though a cone filter, which requires a somewhat fine grind. Would a standard coffee grinder be good for this purpose?

This grinder has good reviews on Amazon for being able to produce a fine grind (though of course, with a bit of dust). Any thoughts on this?

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