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Burger's Priest vs. Holy Chuck vs. Stockyards

TorontoJo | Apr 27, 2012 01:37 PM

I've now finally managed to try all three of these places. All use beef that is ground fresh daily. All cook 'em up in the smashed/griddled style. All use appropriately soft and squishy hamburger buns. So it seemed fair to do a comparison.

As I mentioned in another thread, I was incredibly let down by the BP burger. I absolutely disliked the texture of the burger. The grind was way too fine and the resulting texture of the meat was mushy. It wasn't "tender", it was mushy (my dining companion agreed, as have others I've spoken to, so it wasn't just me!). The flavour was fine, but the texture totally turned me off and I won't return.

Just had Holy Chuck this week and loved it. The flavour of the burger was great (beefy, with good use of salt and pepper and nothing else that I could detect), and the texture was very good: tender, but with good bite to the patty. The burgers are grease bombs, but they are delicious. I started off with The Holy Chuck -- a basic double with bacon and caramelized onions. I snarfed that down and wanted more, so I got The Big Chuck -- essentially a big mac -- and split it with a friend. My only lament is the lack of crust on the burgers. One side of the patty is browned, but with no crust, and the other side is basically grey. But that's a minor quibble and didn't prevent me from inhaling them and wanting to return for more.

But after all that, my first love is still the burger at The Stockyards. Everything there is perfect for my personal taste -- the taste, the texture and the lovely crispy edges they get because they use a cast iron press to smash the burger and cook it from both sides.

So Holy Chuck wins my business for being delicious and being right on the Yonge subway line and super easy for me to get to. And Stockyards has my loyalty for turning out a consistently awesome burger that I crave regularly (they also turn out one of my favourite brunches in the city, but that's a separate topic!).

None of the above are particularly cheap, and yes, I can turn out excellent burgers at home as well. But sometimes I just want someone else to do it for me. It's nice to have options.

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