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Burgers and coffee, that's elf food, apparently -- your thoughts solicited

grayelf | Mar 14, 2012 05:37 PM

Coming to town for another visit April 11-16. Most of our meals are mapped out but we’re looking for a couple of things: an outstanding burger and any new/new to us coffee places we should check out. I know both of these can be controversial but we’re not looking for the “best” of either, just suggestions on versions you think I might like a lot and why (for example, see the things I like in a burger below if you want to play along!).

Some will say I am “wasting” a meal on a burger, but where I’m from (Vancouver BC), there are only a handful of places that are allowed to serve burgers made to order, and so far none of them are great (the best one is closing in ten days, sigh). I like a fairly standard burger, not too many unusual toppings and prefer a good white bun (no whole wheat and no focaccia – I’m looking at you, Zuni!) that should be toasted and not too big and pouffy. I also appreciate a very plain patty, grilled with good char, no filler or seasonings apart from salt and pepper, and definitely no onions or other vegetable matter in the meat itself. A burger without fries (or even more ideally onion rings) verges on blasphemy for me, and it’s hard to get both well executed so that would be a bonus.

Re burgs, we haven’t got much under our belt in SF but were inspired by the great offerings in Portland recently. So far we’ve only tried Marlowe (meh, bun was wet and fries cold), Burger Joint (surprisingly good for airport food), Anchor Brewing (ditto) and Bix (tasty if a bit underseasoned but way too much cheese, can’t believe I’m saying that) plus the Rosamunde Tuesday burger (sadly overcooked). Could be high or low end but probably will be a lunch stop. Reviewing the most recent “best burgers” threads and assorted best ofs, blogs etc I came up with: Grubstake (conflicting reports), Super Duper (surprised how many Hounds like this one; not sure you can get it to order), Pearl’s, Tupelo’s (candied bacon, cheddar frico), Bill’s Place (Giants’ Burger), Metro Caffe, Lark Creek Steak (fries sound good), Perry’s, Roam, Nopa (good fries too; lunch w’ends only), Bullitt (had to include one dive bar), Chez Maman (partly for the show at the counter), Serpentine, Slow Club (good fries), and Mission Beach Café. I noticed there are a lot of reccs from outside the city but was thinking to stick with SF proper for now, though I might be persuaded otherwise :-).

When it comes to coffee I think I am a second waver but the SO is into the third wave stuff so we tend to go more to those cafes. He prefers to drinks cappuccinos whereas I rather like your Gibraltars.

We’ve tried Blue Bottle (all but the one near Jack London), Ritual on Valencia, Four Barrel on Valencia, Contraband, Coffee Bar on Montgomery, Grand Prix, Ma’velous, Jane, Sightglass, Phil’s, Delise, Grand Prix, Reveille and a few others I’ve overlooked I’m sure. We have Fourth Wave on the radar, anything else we should be checking out?

Thanks in advance for your comments and ideas!

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