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burger king vs burger you grilled yourself


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burger king vs burger you grilled yourself

hae young | Jun 19, 2008 01:44 PM

i love grilled foods and especially grilled cheese burgers.
evn though i am not big fan of fast food chains, i somehow like taste of buger patty of burger king. i don't know why.
is it because they add some artificial ingredient such as msg?
i make buger patty with just meat and seared diced onions & garlics.
when i made it myself via weber grill for the first time, i expect my burger patty would be much more superior in term of savoriness because it was ovbious that i used much pricier ground beef as opposed to that of BK.
i wonder how other people think of their grilled burgers they made themselves.
of course, it's pleasure to make it on one's own effort.
but isn't it disappointing when tasts of it is just too lame?.

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