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Burdock Root? How tasty can it be?


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Burdock Root? How tasty can it be?

veebee | Jan 7, 2004 10:56 PM

Having exhausted most of the culinary possibilities in parsnips, carrots, rutabega, parsley root and every other root vegetable, I decided to try some burdock root. I know it's used in Japanese food, but that's about it. I asked the farmer at my local market what to do with it. He said it can be eaten raw or cooked and that it is extraordinarily nutrious, containing lots of antioxidents and other things.

Since it turns brown quickly, he said Japanese cooks grate it and put it in some sort of marinade and then add it to dishes. What marinade and what dishes I don't know.

Tonight I grated some and added it to a little rice wine vinegar and then stirred it into a cabbage, rice, fish stir fry. Well, it didn't seem to add anything at all to the dish. When I tasted it raw, it was quite mild and unexciting. It's great that it's so healthy, but does anyone have any preparation suggestions to make it delicious?

I'm not one to simply add vitamins to my food for the sake of vitamins. There has to be some sort of deliciousness quotient too. I bet someone out there has a good way to prepare burdock root.

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