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Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Atlantic Salmon - Superior


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Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Atlantic Salmon - Superior

rworange | Sep 8, 2005 03:40 PM

This salmon is close to fresh poached – tender and moist with a lovely salmon flavor. I forget the price, it is expensive, but worth it. I can eat this plain without any dressing or mayo.

It is in the gold can, not to be confused with the Skinless and Boneless Pink Salmon, also in a gold can. The latter is just ordinary.

Just opening the can, it has a different look that made me take notice. I love this stuff and thought I’d pass it along. Next shopping trip I’m stocking up with at least a dozen cans.

I’m finding Bumble Bee makes some superior canned fish products. I’ve had this smoked oyster and clam craving recently. The Bumble Bee smoked oysters were just so above everything else and like the kind I remember as a kid – plump, with a nice smoke flavor. And like the salmon, the look was different and better. This only applied to the can. The oysters in a pouch don't work well, because the pouch doesn't protect the soft, delicate oysters and lots of pieces break off.

In the smoked clam category, Orleans brand was the best, least grit (all smoked clams come with sand) and the best smoke and taste. I found out that Orleans is owned by Bumble Bee.

I don’t notice any superiority in Bumble Bee tuna compared to others, but these three products are heads above the rest in their category.

However, a warning that those tuna steaks in the pouches are not only one of the most vile fish products, they are one of the worst products ever. Perhaps there was a mistake in processing and instead of the tuna being put in the pouch (mesquite-flavored, hah), a piece of wood was inserted, because it certainly was as hard and dry as a slab of wood. But no, real wood would not taste that artifical. Awful, awful, awful. I have another evil pouch of the teriyaki ginger flavor and if the cat didn't hate ginger, that would have gone to her.

An outside note, Trader Joes canned smoked salmon is up there with bad tasting, artifical products. All the disgusting things that turn people off of fish, overly oily and fishy. It has a few unique features to make the experience of eating it worst. It is hard and chewy, not in a good jerky kind of way. Ick.


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