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Bulk cooking, then freezing ideas?

tastyjon | Jun 2, 200810:57 PM

I love to cook but am also single, I travel a lot for work, like to go out as well, and get tired of eating the same thing more than twice within the same week or two. So while I can buy fresh food in bulk - too often a good percentage of it gets wasted.

To counter this, the best remedy seems to be cooking a big batch of XXXXXX and then freezing it in individual portions. My best 2 dishes to date have been a bolognase-like pasta sauce and stews.

The pasta sauce(s), adapted from many recipes, usually turn out great and reheat just as nice. They also seem very forgiving/accepting of recipe variances. I've made made them with beef, pork, veal, sausage or blends of each. It takes some work to create a big batch, but weeks later when you want a great dinner with little effort, the sauce is already done and just needs reheating.

Likewise, stews have worked great. Again, it's a big effort to do the initial cooking (which I don't mind from time to time), but if you can bag 10-20 individual meals from a lazy saturday in the kitchem - why not. I've made simple stews, attempts at beef bourguignon, which became stew-like and this weekend made a huge batch of Irish lamb stew thanks to a market that had a great deal on lamb that wasn't in pretty chop form.

What else?

On the flip side, some things freeze well but not so much after a few weeks. Lasagne, for example. The pasta egdes get dried out. Same with things like burritos or enchiladas. They last for a bit but then dry bits get freezer burn or simply flake away. So in these cases, it would seem a better strategy to make/freeze the fillings and keep on hand fresh tortillas, etc. when ready to assemble.


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