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Building All-clad & Le Creuset cookware set (wedding registry) - what am I missing?


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Building All-clad & Le Creuset cookware set (wedding registry) - what am I missing?

aspiringcook | Nov 30, 2012 07:39 AM

I've always used hand-me down pots and my fiance and I have been excited to upgrade to high quality pots that will last us a lifetime. We love cooking and want to have a versatile pot collection that doesn't have too many extras (I mean those pots that won't get much use because other pots could easily be used instead).

Just a little blurb on our cooking - right now our 2 qt sauce pot, 5 qt casserole pot, and frying pans are probably the most used pieces in our kitchen. The choice of pots may partially be reflective of what we actually own though - We don't have a saute pan (we make do with a larger frying pan), but this would probably be well used if we had one. We don't do much roasting of large chunks of meat or whole turkeys or chickens. However, this may change as we grow our family and have more space to host dinner parties, holidays, etc. We love trying new dishes and cooking fairly elaborate meals (when time permits).

I wanted to register for a pot set since there does seem to be quite a discount for the pots through this mechanism, but I don't want to register for a very expansive set since these can get expensive and it is hard to expect one person to get us a gift of that magnitude. Instead I figured I would register for a smaller set and then register for the pots I feel I need a la carte.

Also, I was going to register for Fissler Pro-collection pots but decided on All-Clad because I wanted to 'buy local' and I like that they have more pot options.

Okay, so here is what I have registered for:

All-clad bd5 cookware, 7 piece set brushed stainless steel, which includes:
-10" frying pan
-1.5 qt covered saucepan
- 3 qt covered saute pan
- 8 qt covered stockpot
(I listed alternative set options below - in case you want to look)

A la carte
- All clad bd5 13" covered french skillet
- Le Creuset 5qt enameled cast iron braiser
- Le Creuset 7.25 qt signature round French oven

Have and will keep:
- decent small non-stick skillet (maybe 6" that we use for eggs)
-Lodge 10.25" Cast Iron Skillet

I'm wondering if 1) There are things on this list that maybe don't have much added value, specifically 2) will the All-clad 8 qt stockpot be of much value since I am registering for a 7.25qt le creuset french oven? (maybe I should find another pot set? but of course there are only so many options here) or should I get a different size le creuset? 3) Are there pieces that I am missing that are necessary in a well stocked kitchen?

Thank you all in advance!

Here are alternative sets (some are d5 and some are brushed d5) that I see as potential options, let me know if you think one of these would be better:

1. All-Clad small capacity 7-piece
2. All clad 5-piece set
3. All clad d5 7 piece set (different version)

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